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Dr. Jean-Pierre Spinosa

a surgeon and, among his numerous specializations,
a specialist in nutrition and anti-aging medicine


Dr. Spinosa has more than 30 years of a brilliant medical career and a huge number of publications.
He is a specialist in gynecology, gynecological surgery, oncological gynecology,
urogynecology, senology, morphological as well as anti-aging medicine.

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He is not only a researcher, but also an excellent practicing surgeon and physician, a specialist recognized in Switzerland, Europe and the US.

For more than 30 years he has dedicated the most of his time to the study of the so-called civilization diseases and their causes (cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, auto-immune diseases etc.) as well as their treatments. He has been searching for the links between nutrition and “successful” aging.

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His scientific interest is primarily focused on the understanding of cell biochemistry and mechanisms of cancer and other civilization diseases. He is passionate about functional and nutritional medicine. He elaborated his own understanding and his own methodology that he describes as “holistic”.

He collaborates with famous researchers in the USA.

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His method to achieve well-being and long life in good health as well as his approach to the treatment of degenerative and auto-immune diseases (including cancer) including weight loss for those who needs it, is based on profound knowledge of cell biochemistry and its functioning as well as on the latest publications and achievements in different fields of practical and fundamental medicine.

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